• New Combinator
  • New CSS Selectors
  • New Pseudo-elements
  • New Style properties

Now let us discuss these in detail.

New addition of General Sibling Combinator is done to match sibling elements of a given element through tilde (~) Combinator.

CSS Selectors
While CSS2 had ‘simple selectors’, the new version calls them the components as ‘a sequence of simple selectors’.

Many Pseudo Elements have been added that allow in-depth yet easy styling and a new convention of double colons ‘::’ has been introduced.

Style Properties

New Background Style Properties
Multiple Background images can be layered in the box using different elements like background image, position and repeat.

Border Style
Styling of borders has been extended to images and rounded designs which includes creating image of the borders and then automatically apply image to the borders through CSS.

Additions in Properties

  • Border-radius, image-source, image-slice, and the values for width outset and stretch have been added in CSS3.
  • Properties for managing boxes like shadowing, wrapping and breaking have been added.
  • CSS3 has done away with complex structures for div tag and makes it easy for hassle free designing of multiple table-less columns. This can be simply done by putting in the number of columns in the browser that need to be added in the body element along with their width, color and height to make the text flow through the columns with ease.

New Background Style Properties

  • With the addition of the new ‘local’ value, if the element has a scroll bar then the background scrolls with its content.
  • Background-clip, origin, size and style properties have been added.
  • Background shorthand property has been added in the size and origin properties.
  • The changes to previous Background Style Properties include:
    • Repeat property now has two values name space and round that space the tiled image in the box uniformly and rescales background images to tile it multiple time in the box.

More New additions

  • Modules for grid creations and template layout.
  • User interface module has been updated with the feature of adding/designing many elements.
  • Ruby and Paged Media module allow more support for languages, paged media and with flexibility in using style sheets by Media Queries is also present.

CSS versions just keep getting better with time which means improves the programming platform for developers resulting in faster and more efficient website designing. CSS3 mainly gives a simple interface that can be worked by beginners as well for making better and more appealing website styles.


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