50 More of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet

1. MapC.am – Call and connect with a random person somewhere in the world. 
2. Pective.com – Find out the actual size of things.
3. ShareOnFB.com – Share fake news stories, and prank your friends.
4. WhichDateWorks.com – Find out which date works best with your friends.
5. imo.im – Free voice, messaging, and video calls.
6. LiveShare.com – Beautiful messaging for your groups.
7. Rappad.co – Write a song about whatever you want.
8. MySlideRule.com – Find online courses on any topic.
9. KeyboardTester.com – Test your keyboard’s functionality.
10. SndTst.com – A sound test for various games.
11. InternetDirectory.info – The Yellow Pages but for the Internet.
12. ABetterQueue.com – Use Rotten Tomatoes standards to create a better Netflix queue.
13. LucyPhone.com – Never wait on hold for a company ever again.
14. ZeroDollarMovies.com – Find free movies online.
15. Alertful.com – Get reminded of important appointments via email.
16. CommercialTunage.com – Find out which song was used in that one commercial.
17. JazzAndRain.com – Listen to the soothing sounds of jazz and rainfall.
18. OffTheRoost.com – Find a place to eat.
19. Studio.StupeFlix.com – Make amazing videos in seconds.
20. TypingWeb.com – Learn to touch type.
21. Bonanza.com – Remove backgrounds from images.
22. CloudConvert.org – Convert a file to anything.
23. 7CupsOfTea.com – Connect with someone who will listen to your troubles.
24. Boostgr.am – Promote your Instagram photos.
25. Chordify.net – Extract high quality guitar chords from any song.
26. Archive.today – Take a snapshot of a webpage so it will always be online.
27. TuneIn.com – Listen to over 100,000 real radio stations.
28. TakeLessons.com – Search thousands of teachers for local and online lessons.
29. Forget.me – Remove yourself from Google search results.
30. PizzaCodes.com – Get coupons for your pizzas.
31. AlternativeTo.net – Find alternative software.
32. Gixen.com – Automatically place eBay bids.
33. MapMyRun.com – Plan out every stride of your jog.
34. XKCDGraphs.com – Create your own XKCD style graphs.
35. WarrantyGenius.com – Organize and track all of your product warranties.
36. TheSquatrack.com – Track your workouts.
37. GodChecker.com – An encyclopedia of over 3,700 gods, demons, spirits, and beasts.
38. EasyASCII.com – Quickly copy ASCII characters.
39. PrintablePaper.net – Printable lined, graph, and music paper with more.
40. IP-Grabber.com – Grab an IP address from a link.
41. GifCtrl.com – Reverse gifs. 
42. YourLogicalFallacyIs.com – Learn your logical fallacies. 
43. HabitRPG.com – Create habits and earn rewards.
44. Jog.fm – Find the perfect music for your run.
45. HaveIBeenPwned.com – Check if you have an account that has been compromised in a data breech.
46. TeachMeAnatomy.info – Learn about human anatomy.
47. WobZip.org – Uncompress zip files online.
48. PDF.yt – Imgur for PDF documents.
49. UnplugTheTV.com – Watch educational YouTube videos at random.
50. 50WaysToGetAJob.com – Find out what you should do next to get a job.


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