15 Excellent Sites to Learn Programming

If you want to become pro programmer you have to learn and become master in programming for developing interactive and useful web applications. You can either go for regular courses for learning programming or apart from the regular courses there are certain interactive websites also available on the internet that help you learn and gain more knowledge over and above your regular course.

For this roundup we have compiled a list of useful websites for programmers that will help them to learn code without much endeavors and hassle. This article gives you some basic information about some of those interactive websites that help you sharpen your existing knowledge on programming.

1. GeekTyper

“Hack” like a programmer in movies and games. GeekTyper was inspired by the various media where hacking is usually portrayed incorrectly. Simply randomly mash your keyboard and code will display on your screen. Press TAB to display hotkeys that activate various effects. The “hacking” isn’t real, and everything you type isn’t stored anywhere. Your preferences are stored in your browser’s cache.

2. Code Pad

Code Pad is a place for developers to save & share code snippets. Now you can save snippets online at Code Pad making them easily accessible and all in one place. When saving any snippet you have the option to make it public, part private or private. Liking a snippet will keep a reference in your dashboard making it easy to find later. And also, there are various stats available we count snippet views, likes, downloads, comments, the list goes on.

3. Code Avengers

Learning to code is fun and easy with Code Avengers. Whether this is your first time coding, or you have tried it before – their courses guide you each step of the way. Scripted by educators, they offer practical coding skills to help you learn at your own pace. Their lessons are designed to be flexible so you can start and pause at anytime. You can start small, for just 30 minutes a day – or go for it and complete an entire course in a weekend.

4. Codecadmy

This website is the best one for you to choose. This website is featured as one of the top 50 sites in Time’s in 2013. The interactive learning sessions of this website can make anyone learning the coding as long as they feel positive.

5. CodeCombat

This is one of a kind website where the learners can learn coding though playing a multiplayer coding strategy game. The learners have fun and at the same time learning coding in Python and JavaScript from this interactive website.

6. Treehouse

Learn web designing and development through this interactive website. The website has video tutorials for its students to help them learning about HTML and Ruby.

7. Codeschool

Codeschool teaches various web technologies on the web browser through screen casts, coding challenges and video lessons for languages such as Java Script, Ruby, HTML/CSS and C.

8. Wibit.net

It is a video tutorial website which provides free computer programming courses in programming languages like C++, C and Obj-C. Very soon, it would include the same for Java.

9. Learn Java Online

learn java
This is a free interactive Java learning tutorial website for all. It does not matter whether you are a professional or a novice in Java. The intent of this website is to offer learning to everyone who wants to learn Java. The tutorial contains both basic and advance level tutorials.

10. SQLZoo

SQLZoo offers step-by-step tutorials with live interpreters. The learner can learn SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, and PostgreSQL through this interactive learning website.

11. Try Git

This website can enable you to learn Git in 15 minutes. The interactive website has the code entering window embedded in the browser itself that enables the learners and users to try their codes live in the Octobox and fetch the result out of it.

12. W3Schools

It is an information website for web developers and contains references and tutorials like CSS, HTML, JQuery, PHP, Java Script and SQL. The website derives its name from the World Wide Web. It has online editor tool and hence is web based.

13. Coderbyte

Coder byte is a programming challenges and competitions website. This site also provides programming related discussion forum to ask for programming problem solutions.

14. Try.jQuery

This is an interactive website that contains videos, interactive challenges in the form of consoles and also enables the learner to practice codes in the browser itself. You need only 3 hours to complete the entire activity. The website currently uses jQuery 2.0 for its functions.

15. Code Learn

code learn
This website enables the learner to learn Ruby on Rails by creating an app directly on the browser. The website offers hassle free virtual server along with great tutorials that eases the learning of rails. The user need not to an experienced professional to use the tutorials.


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