A Look at the Meaning in Colors

Today’s infographic comes to us from The Logo Company and gives us a look into the choice of colors worn by the logos that we see every day. Do you want your company to give off a sense of excitement or boldness? Red might be the color for you then. How about if you want your customers to feel like your company is trustworthy and dependable? You might want a nice, light shade of blue in that case.

Color Emotion Guide
Color Emotion Guide

8 Helpful Home Page Web Designing Tips

Your website is the main medium of communication between you and your visitors. Therefore the success of your website depends on the Home page. The home page plays a vital role in the business growth. If your visitor likes your home page, they will also like to dive into your services or the products. On the other hand, if your website has a complicated or confusing home page without any helpful message for the first time visitors, you’ll have a high bounce rate and less business growth. Being the Software and Web Development expert, we are jotting down some helpful tips to follow while working on the home page for any website.

  1. Attractive and Meaningful Images
    When you visit any website, first of all, you get attracted towards the images. So, you should also use such images that can get user attraction. Along with getting the attraction, the images used should give the helpful messages regarding your services or products or some other related information. Always use high-resolution images with less loading time.

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10 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Redesigning Your Website

Websites are the foundation of any business organization’s online presence. They are an essential asset to companies and they need to be updated and refurbished every couple of years. In most cases, business organizations redesign their websites because they simply don’t look that appealing anymore. Businesses need to maintain their brand presence online and the best way to do this is through a memorable website, meaning that it should be redesigned in regular intervals.

On the other hand, there are businesses that want to change their business strategy and make it comprehensive by taking everything into account, including their websites. They want to adjust their website to their new strategy and this is why they perform a website redesign. By doing these things, businesses expect that they will be able to improve their brand influence online, and improve their bottom line, while making their website more functional overall.


However, if you are to achieve these things, you must learn to perform a redesign properly. If you make any mistakes during a website redesign you could end up with worse results than you had before and fixing this will cost you even more money and downtime. In order to help you do this properly, I have gathered a list of 10 biggest mistakes you should look to avoid if you want to do a redesign with the best results possible. Continue reading

20 best JavaScript charting libraries


A quick note before we start: I have covered top 20 libraries below. It might get little confusing when you try to pick one for your project as there are many factors to consider. So here is something for help – a small guide on factors to consider while choosing a JavaScript chart library from the makers of FusionCharts (covered at #2 below). It explores 14 different factors that go into making the decision in good depth, and is one of the best resources on the topic.

Every business is turning to data analysis for important decisions. In fact they’re usually swimming in data, wondering what to make out of it. With the advent of big-data, good old spreadsheets and charts just don’t cut it anymore.

Businesses have been asking for better ways to visualize data, ways that are preferably interactive and allow them multiple perspectives. After all, all that data is only as good as the insights you can extract from it.

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